About Chammeli

Chammeli is a women’s clothing boutique inspiring confidence through curated, sophisticated styles. Each season, Chammeli thoughtfully selects pieces from various brands that cover and flatter the body in a stylish way. For many women, fashion is not frivolous, and Chammeli believes every woman should have access to clothing that lets her shine without compromising her values or comfort.

Meet the Owner 

Fatima Mukhtar is the founder and owner of Chammeli. Launched in 2021, the boutique is the culmination of a journey to help women find clothing that gives us confidence in who we are and what we wear. As the daughter of South Asian immigrants, she understands the experience of feeling ‘other’, and the role style plays in developing confidence. Each item of clothing carried at Chammeli is curated by Fatima for the purpose of making the woman who wears them feel confident in her identity and values.

Chammeli Cares

Our values are just as important as the clothes we sell. In addition to empowering women through style, Chammeli supports social and humanitarian causes locally and internationally. 

Chammeli is a proud partner of Amaanah Services Big Sister’s Program, which empowers refugee women to navigate their new lives in Houston with confidence.